Adelaide Polo Club

From its humble beginning in 1879, Adelaide Polo Club is one of Australia’s most successful polo clubs. 

Welcome to Adelaide Polo Club

 Steeped in tradition Adelaide Polo Club is located only 35kms from the CBD in the historic town of Woodside. The club is made of 150 members and 10 committee members. Tournaments are scheduled every weekend from late December through to late March. All local tournaments offer free access not to mention the stunning rural atmosphere of the Adelaide Hills that can be enjoyed with great company and a great sense of comradery!

Tournaments and Events

Polo tournaments run from late December through to late March every year. There are three major tournaments every year that draw our interstate competitors 


Adelaide Hunt Club Cup

Tournament and Lunch 

26th & 27th Feb 2022

Barr Smith Cup

Tournament and Lunch 

12th & 13th March 2022

Verco Cup

Tournament and Lunch 

26th & 27th March 2022

Player information

Adelaide Polo Club is governed by the Australian Polo Federation all information relating to rules, policies and player registration, insurance you will find in the links below. 

If you would like further details regarding player information and frequently asked questions please contact our commitee. 

Adelaide Polo Club

202 Pfeiffer Road, Woodside SA 

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